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MTS: Meet Eugenie Scott

It was a sincere honor to speak with and interview Eugenie Scott recently. Not only is she one of the brightest people I’ve had the opportunity to chat with, she’s at the forefront of the Creationism/Evolution debate across the United States as the Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education. Anybody who values science education in the United States owes a sincere debt of gratitude to Dr. Scott.


Eugenie somehow manages to maintain a great sense of humor in the midst of some very stressful and potentially discouraging circumstances. If you ever have the chance to see her speak. I cannot recommend more strongly that you take the time to do so. If you are unable to see her live, make sure to check out some of her presentations on the NCSE YouTube Channel.


If you live in an area where the teaching of Evolution is under attack in the local schools, do not hesitate to contact the NCSE.


NCSE Website


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Robynn McCarthy is better known as the "Swoopy" half of Derek and Swoopy of the Skepticality podcast. Skepticality is one of the Official Podcasts of Skeptic Magazine. Since podcasting first came on the scene, Derek and Swoopy were there with regular thought provoking shows, serious insights, and goofy banter. 

Since 1996 Swoopy has been largely in charge of the entire planning and production of the podcast. I warn you, if you listen to just about any Skepticality episode you WILL end up putting one more book on your "to read" list. Go ahead, I dare you to listen and not run out to buy the book of the author she was interviewing that day.

Robynn and I talked about how they got Skepticality started, her involvement with DragonCon, the process of creating each Skepticality episode, how she became a Skeptic, and so much more. You can follow Robynn on Twitter: @Swoopy. Don't forget to follow me too at @MeetTheSkeptics.


Skepticality Podcast

SKEPTIC Magazine

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Brian Dunning is one of the names you’ll come across in the Skeptical world quite often. He hosts Skeptoid, a weekly 10 - 15 minute podcast taking on some of the sacred cows of pop culture as well as having several other ventures of a similar nature. Brian thoroughly researches each and every topic before building a solid and seemingly unassailable case for logic and reality. Unlike free flowing interview shows, Skeptoid is brutally efficient and to the point. If you have a 15 minute commute to work each day, you could do far worse than to spend it listening to Skeptoid once or twice a week.

Here Be Dragons: The Movie


Skeptoid: Critical Analysis Of Pop Phenomena 

Skeptoid 2: More Critical Analysis Of Pop Phenomena

Pirates, Pyramids, and Papyrus (Skeptoid)


Don't forget to follow me on Twitter: @MeetTheSKeptics

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Tom Croucher is the 4th Australian I've interviewed for this podcast! Somehow, I highly doubt he'll be the last.

Tom and his brother Nick are more commonly known as the Skeptic Bros. They co-write a blog affectionately titled "The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide." More recently though, they have made a pretty big splash in the Skeptical world by manufacturing and selling "Placebo Bands." These are a perfect knockoff of the more widely known Power Balance bracelets. The key differences are a) the Placebo Bands are appropriately named and b) The Placebo Bands cost about 5% of what the Power Balance bands cost for an essentially identical product.

Check out Placebo Bands featured on Scam School with Brian Brushwood!

Check out Tom at any of the following:

Twitter: @tomfoolery_101

Follow me on Twitter too!: @MeetTheSkeptics

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MTS: Meet Jay Novella

While I’ve gotten a unique kick out of each interview so far, this one was particularly interesting in that it was done as we walked through a Haunted Corn Maze owned by Bob Novella, Jay’s older brother and one of the co-hosts of Skeptics Guide to the Universe. Jay adds a wry sense of humor and a lighthearted comedic touch to the SGU podcast and he was as fun in person as he seems on the show.


During the interview, we talked about additional projects that Jay and the SGU crew were getting involved in. One past project was a comedic video series that Jay produced himself. While it didn’t go very far, I really enjoyed it. Here’s Part 1 of the first Episode.


Enjoy the interview and follow me on Twitter: @MeetTheSkeptics.


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Jason Brown is a Skeptical activist in Sydney Australia. Primarily, he organizes Sydney's Drinking Skeptically group. He's also a bit of a podcaster himself, plays Bass Guitar on Youtube, and is a wine aficionado with a Wine Podcast that is under construction at the time of this episode.

In Vino Veritas Podcast

More prominently, Jason runs the website This is an inceredibly helpful site that aggregate feeds from Skeptical sources all over the world. In essence, if you're looking for good stuff to read and think about, Skepticator's the place to find it.

In our interview, we spoke about TAM Oz, local organization, homeopathy, and the Anti-Anti-Vaccine movement known as "Stop the AVN.


Follow me on Twitter @MeetTheSkeptics and follow Jason @DrunkenMadman.

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As both an entertainer and an educator, Art Benjamin has inspired and excited people about math for several decades. He is a Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College and has produced several courses for The Great Courses, including The Joy of Mathematics and Discrete Mathematics in addition to writing the book “The Secrets of Mental Math.”


Secrets of Mental Math: The Mathemagician's Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math Tricks

I’ve been a fan of Dr. Benjamin’s since I was sipping coffee on a Sunday morning almost a year ago and scrolling through the great videos on TED. His presentation was labelled “Jawdropping” by the other viewers so I decided to check it out. By combining rapid mental calculations and magic, he has created a unique show that defies belief. Are you skeptical? Check it out right here.

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Daniel Loxton is an artist, writer, editor, and former shepherd. He grew up on the idyllic Vancouver Island and was once a strong believer in many Pseudo scientific things such as cryptozoology. Today, he puts his considerable talents to use as an artist and editor for Junior Skeptic magazine and as an author of the children's book:

Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be

Daniel and I talked about his past, current projects, and the various things he has planned for the future. Especially keep an eye out for his series of children's books! In particular, a book on Dinosaurs will be released on September 1, 2011.

Skeptic Magazine

Follow Daniel on Twitter at @Daniel_Loxton and/or follow me at @MeetTheSkeptics

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Jennifer Michael Hecht was a bit of a welcome diversion from my normal guest. We Skeptics are often accused (sometimes rightfully so) of being overly literal and scientific. Jennifer Michael Hecht draws on history and poetry to discuss and present ideas about ethics, culture, and morality. Some of her books include:

Doubt: A History: The Great Doubters and Their Legacy of Innovation from Socrates and Jesus to Thomas Jefferson and Emily Dickinson

Funny (Felix Pollak Prize in Poetry)

The Next Ancient World

The Happiness Myth: The Historical Antidote to What Isn't Working Today

From her website: "Jennifer Michael Hecht is the author of three history books and two volumes of poetry and she is currently serving as one of the five judges for the Nonfiction category of the 2010 National Book Award.  Her bestseller Doubt: A History demonstrates a long, strong history of religious doubt.  Hecht’s The End of the Soul: Scientific Modernity, Atheism, and Anthropology won the Phi Beta Kappa Society’s 2004 Ralph Waldo Emerson Award “for scholarly studies that contribute significantly to interpretations of the intellectual and cultural condition of humanity.”  Her most recent book, The Happiness Myth brings a skeptical eye to modern wisdom about the good life.  Hecht’s poetry books are The Next Ancient World which won three national poetry awards, and Funny which Publisher’s Weekly called “one of the most original and entertaining books of the year.”  Her prose and poetry appear in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Boston Globe, and The Washington Post.  Hecht earned her Ph.D. in the History of Science from Columbia University in 1995 and now teaches in the MFA program of Columbia University and The Graduate Writing Program of The New School University."

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter! @MeetTheSkeptics


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Kylie Sturgess came to my attention a while back as one of the many Australian skeptical activists who is out there beating the drum of rational thinking about as consistently as anybody. Kylie runs her own website, podcast, and blog all while somehow finding time to actually live her life.

She is an active skeptic and holds qualifications in Philosophy, Education and the measurement of paranormal belief. A teacher with over ten years experience in the field, Kylie has lectured on teaching critical thinking, feminism, new media and anomalistic beliefs worldwide.

If you are at any Skeptical conferences anywhere in the world, there's a good chance Kylie's there too. Make sure to say hello!

@podblack on Twitter.

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