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MTS: Meet Sharon Hill

I'm really not quite sure how Sharon Hill handles all her different projects. She blogs on a whole bunch of different sites, investigates the (paranormal) investigators, and somehow holds down a day job as a Hydrogeologist (boy, I hope I spelled that correctly).

We talked about all that stuff, her "coming of age" as a Skeptic, interests in cryptozoology, and her Masters Degree program with the Center for Inquiry.

You can check out Sharon at any of the following:

I Doubt It 



Who Forted?

Spook Spot

Twitter: @IDoubtIt

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MTS: Meet Maria Walters (Masala Skeptic)

Maria Walters is about as well travelled as they come, having lived in India, Hong Kong & Trinidad, but currently calls Atlanta "home." Also known as Masala Skeptic, Maria is a blogger for Skepchick and the first (but hopefully not the last!) Skepchick we've had on the show.

Maria and I talked about her involvement in Atlanta Skeptics, Skepchick, her support and work at spreading the importance of immunizations, life in various foreign countries, her "elevator pitch" for Skepticism, and much more. 

Check out some of Maria's writings at:

OR follow her on Twitter: @masalaskeptic

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MTS: Meet Emery Emery

Emery Emery has been in Stand-Up Comedy for years, and now brings his formidable talents to his radio show/podcast Ardent Atheist. Somehow or another he manages to pull together an incredibly impressive panel for discussions on Religion and its place in the world today. Never allowing himself to take the easy way out, Emery almost always has at least one religious person on the panel, which makes for a great debate without fail.

During our interview, we talked about freedoms, Emery's work on the movie "The Aristocrats," his conversion from a strong believer on track to becoming a preacher, the use of language, and much, much more.

Ardent Atheist Website 

Follow Emery on Twitter: @ArdentAtheists

Ardent Atheist on iTunes

New Dissident Radio

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MTS: Meet Donald Prothero

Donald Prothero is an instructor of Physical and Historical Geology, Sedimentary Geology, and Paleontology. We had a chance to talk about his participation during the very early days of the Skeptical movement, hisincredible track record of book publishing, Skeptic Geology Tours, and what it's like to work in dusty museum basements.

Skeptic Blog

The video below is a fantastic presentation regarding the proofs of Evolution. His presentation begins at about the 12:30 mark.

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MTS: Meet Brian Gregory

Brian Gregory is the creator and host of Virtual Drinking Skeptically. While this is particularly great for those of us who do not have a Skeptical social group nearby, it's also a fun evening if you do. All you need is a webcam, some good bandwidth, and a bottle of something potable in the fridge. 

Brian and I spoke about his time in an evangelical church, his involvement with the Capital Area Skeptics and a recent Skepticamp, dowsing for electrical lines, and much more.

Follow Brian on Twitter! @Briandgregory or check out his blog full of amusing findings from around the world of the Internet; Things I've Missed.

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MTS: Meet Paul Provenza

Paul Provenza is the host of Showtime's "The Green Room with Paul Provenza." He has been working in the field of Stand-Up Comedy for over 30 years now, and is the man responsible for the movie The Aristocrats and the book Satiristas: Comedians, Contrarians, Raconteurs & Vulgarians.

In addition to Comedy, Paul is an accomplished actor who has played parts in such shows as The Facts of Life, Northern Exposure, and The West Wing.

Paul comes to the Skeptics movement from the point of view of a comedian. While we may think of Magicians as experts of deception and Scientists as experts in diligently uncovering scientific truths, Comedians are often expert analysts of human behavior. 

During TAM9 Paul will be hosting a Live Satiristas show with several very special guests. Paul has made it a habit to bring together comedians to entertain, challenge, and inform audiences while having a blast of a time in the process. This is what he does on his Showtime Show and it's what he is doing for the Skeptics movement by bringing comedians to TAM and putting on a show for attendees.

To view some hilarious outtakes from The Green Room, click the links below!

Romano/Apatow/Shandling outtakes

Griffin/Gould/Proops outtakes

Follow Paul on Twitter at @PaulProvenza

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MTS: Meet Ashley Paramore

Ashley Paramore is one of those people that you can't help notice popping up all around in various places in the Skeptiverse. She is the Development Director for the Secular Student Alliance and seemingly attends every conference remotely connected to Science, Skepticism and Atheism.

Ashley assists students in setting up groups to promote critical thinking and secular/humanistic values in a non-religious setting. She travels to conferences to network and expand the impact of the SSA, making more opportunities available to students both in college and high school.

Ashley's YouTube Channel

Secular Student Alliance

Twitter: @Healthyaddict

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MTS: Meet Mark Edward

Mark Edward is a unique interviewee. While his Skeptical credentials aren't at all in question, he actually works and has worked as a "Psychic Entertainer." To be sure, Mark is a highly skilled mentalist, but in our talk he made some very clear distinctions between the skills of a good Mentalist versus the skills of a "Psychic." Mark pulls back the mask to show how psychics operate and explains clearly just why people walk away with the impression that "he knew stuff that he never could have known."

Check out Mark's website at and look for his new book "Psychic Blues - Confessions From a Happy Medium."

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MTS: Meet Andrew Mayne

Magician, Skeptic, Author, Inventor, and lover of all things weird, Andrew Mayne is an interesting guy to chat with to say the least. He has published a large number of magic books, but more recently has delved into the world of fiction with The Grendel's Shadow and Public Enemy Zero.

Andrew worked at the JREF for several years, specifically involved with The Million Dollar Challenge. Now he splits his time between writing, recording the "Weird Things" podcast, inventing new magic tricks, and taking on the occasional stint performing live magic shows. Make sure to check him out at:

or follow Andrew on Twitter at @AndrewMayne

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MTS: Meet John Rennie

When you meet John Rennie in person, you quickly realize that he's pretty much the same guy that his writing would indicate. He has a unique ability that was no doubt honed to a razor sharp edge during his 2 decades at Scientific American Magazine, 15 as Editor in Chief. John has a special way of explaining science in an easy to understand fashion while avoiding any appearances of condescension.

We talked about his years at Scientific American, his newer role as blogger, ways in which science education can be improved, what books he's reading, his stint as a Guest Rogue on SGU and so much more.

You can follow John on Twitter at @tvjrennie.

John's Website:

The Gleaming Retort Blog

Recommended Reading:

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

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