Meet The Skeptics!
MTS: Meet Evan Bernstein

Evan Bernstein is 1/5 of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe team. He's best known for preparing and hosting several different segments on the show as well as writing the Official Blog for The Skeptics Guide to the Universe, "The Rogues Gallery." Evan is also responsible for the fun, interactive segments that allow listeners to send in their answers, most notably "Who's That Noisy?"

Evan has been involved with the Skeptical movement for many years. We had a chance to talk about his introduction via Perry DeAngelis and his continuation through the New England Skeptical Society and the formation of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe Podcast.

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MTS: Meet Jamie Bernstein

I first heard about Jamie Bernstein on an episode of The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe. She had been recently kicked out of an Autism One conference for simply attending. Nice, huh? I was impressed by the fact that she was willing to get out there and do something. While it's easy to play online and post comments (I do it myself), it's not quite so easy to  check out the real problems in the real world. 

Not content with simply witnessing the anti-vax movement up close, Jamie works with Women Thinking, Inc. to run vaccine clinics at various conferences. We talked about that, as well as a host of other activities she is involved with.

Jamie was also recently, officially named a new Skepchick so you can check out her writing over there! This occurred after we recorded the interview, so we didn't speak about it.

Jamie on Skepchick:

Follow Jamie on Twitter at: @UAJamie

Check out Women Thinking, Inc. on Facebook:

And check out our brief on-camera interview at TAM 2012 below!

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MTS: Meet Michael De Dora

Michael De Dora is director of the Center for Inquiry's Office of Public Policy and the organization's representative to the United Nations. We had a chance to chat via Google Hangout (which can be watched below) a few months ago and I was surprised to learn a few new tidbits about his background. We talked about his time working for Fox News (yep, you read that correctly), his conversion from Catholicism and his work on Capital Hill trying to sway legislators with sometimes unpopular viewpoints.

Check out Michael's blog here:

Link here and SIGN UP to receive action alerts!:

Watch (if you dare) the LIVE, COMPLETELY UNEDITED version below, where you get to hear my dog barking and me shooing one of my kids out of the room (neither of which made the final cut for some reason).

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MTS: Meet Susan Gerbic

I met Susan Gerbic at TAM (The Amazing Meeting) 2011. She immediately impressed me as someone who likes to "get things done." Susan devotes a lot of time to various projects that help make this world more rational. Probably the largest impact (my own feeling) will be from her Wikipedia editing efforts. Susan tirelessly organizes people from around the globe to keep an eye on Wikipedia entries to ensure truth and accuracy. In fact, if YOU are looking for a way to help, I realy can't think of any better options!

Check out Susan's websites here:

Guerilla Skepticism on Wikipedia

Monterey County Skeptics

Or follow her on Twitter here: @SusanGerbic

And here's a quick interview Susan and I did at TAM 2012 for the JREF:

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MTS: Meet John Rael

John Rael is a Skeptical Comedian who has been producing a series of videos for several years now. The Skeptically Pwned series takes on all types of woo via a less traditional debate approach..... Moving beyond "Skeptically Pwnd," John has also gained a level of notoriety for making a short documentary about giving away his vote (apparently legal) and a series titled "Shit Skeptics Say" as seen in the first installment below.


You can find out more about John and his unique approach to Skeptical Activism here:


YouTube Page:

Twitter: @SkepticallyPwnd

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MTS: Meet Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll is a theoretical cosmologist specializing in dark energy and general relativity. In other word, this dude is smart. I had been watching his Dark Matter, Dark Energy course from The Great Courses when I happened to also hear him interviewed on The Skeptics Guide to the Universe. I knew then that I wanted to have him on my show. 

A few months later, I ran into him in an elevator at TAM only hours after watching one of his lectures on the airplane out to Las Vegas. We chatted for a few minutes as I tried to act cool. After TAM, I shot him off an email inviting him on the show and he readily accepted. So, enjoy!

Sean's Website: Preposterous Universe

Dr. Carroll's books.


Watch the unedited video of our interview. See all the mistakes that got edited out!

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MTS: Meet Jonny Zavant

Jonny Zavant is a Mentalist who got his start working for James Randi himself. He travels the country doing Corporate and College shows, proving that miracles can happen, but only when the performer is in full control of the situation.

We talked about his introduction to James Randi on a College Campus, how he managed to get college credit for having fun, and a little bit about his upbringing as a minister's son.

Check out his website at

Follow Jonny on Twitter: @JonnyZavant

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MTS: Meet Matt and Hai Ting

I met Matt Schickele and Hai Ting Chinn at NECSS 2012, where Hai Ting performed a musical ode to logical fallacies along with George Hrab. During the conference I got to know the two of them, and really grew to enjoy their approach of merging a love for science with their ample talents as musicians. Hai Ting is an Opera and Classical music singer, and Matt is a composer.

Matt and Hai Ting host their own podcast, "Scopes Monkey Choir." There, they tackle various scientific topics while applying their own experience and expertise in music.

Check out Libration, a great collaberation that merges Matt's composition skills with Hai Ting's beautiful voice and their love of science.

And below, check out Hai Ting singing the ingredients of Twinkies on The Wendy Williams Show. No, I'm not kidding. Check it out. You'll see.

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This is another of the "Live From TAM 2012" interviews & it's one I have been looking forward to for quite a long time. I have always admired the successes of the Australian Skeptics and Dr. Rachie is one of the key people fighting the good fight down under.

Check out the interview!

Dr. Rachie's Website

The Skeptic Zone Podcast

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MTS: Meet Guy P. Harrison

Guy P. Harrison is a journalist and author of 3 very important books in the Skeptical Literary genre. 

50 Reasons People Give for Believing in a God

Race and Reality: What Everyone Should Know About Our Biological Diversity

50 Popular Beliefs That People Think Are True

We talked about his books, his life as a Journalist, growing up in the Bible Belt, and much more.

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, you can also watch the unedited version of this interview in video below! 

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