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Tim Farley hosts the website He's well known in skeptical circles both for this website and for his regular daily updates on Skeptic History.

You can hear Tim's updates on The Skepticality podcast, or follow him on Twitter @Krelnik.

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Travis Roy is the founder and President of Granite State Skeptics. He is possibly one of the most active organizers, having travelled all the way to Australia for TAM Oz to give a workshop on Grassroots Skepticism. 

Most recently, Travis was named as an official member of the Skeptic Zone! He has some great stories of his work putting together Granite State Skeptics, some good advice for other local organizers, and some funny and interesting stories, one involving an irate mall kiosk salesman.


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David Orr is a science blogger who piqued my interest with his blog “Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs.” I’ve always been a fan of dinosaurs, even having a pretty impressive collection of dinosaur models as a kid. Now, my own sons have taken a similar interest, so I relished the opportunity to speak with David and find out more about where modern science has come as it pertains to these prehistoric beasts.


David and I met on the Skeptalk Mailing list. Turns out, there are quite a few cool folks hanging out and debating with vigor over the various topics of the day.

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I have to be honest. When I asked Mr. Randi’s personal assistant for an interview, I expected the brushoff. To me, it was sort of like casting a student film for art school and asking Will Smith to star in it. A polite, “thank you for your offer, but I’m quite busy” would have been completely appropriate. Instead, I was told “Sure. When would you like to do it?”


This interview was a bit difficult to prepare for. What could I ask James Randi that he hasn’t already been asked a million times? If ever there was a figurehead for the Skeptical Movement, it is undoubtedly The Amazing Randi.


Never afraid to stand up for what’s right, James Randi has led a fearless path toward truth and reality by offering a simple challenge to those who claim paranormal abilities. Go ahead and prove it. I’ll give you a Million Dollars.


Some books of Randi's include:

Flim-Flam! Psychics, ESP, Unicorns, and Other Delusions

The Faith Healers

The Truth About Uri Geller

Make sure to visit the JREF website.

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