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MTS: Meet Todd Robbins

I had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with Todd Robbins at TAM 2013. I had first seen him when he performed the Emcee duties at NECSS 2011 and again at a Monday Night Magic show in New York city in 2013, but we hadn't yet met in person. I was very pleased that he was more than happy to sit down and chat for almost an hour as I let my recorder run!

You can learn much more about Todd by watching his movie American Carny, or just by checking out his website at Make sure to follow him on Twitter too! @ToddRobbins

Later in the conference, I got to see Todd perform a portion of his live show as the headliner during the "Magic, Mayhem and Mentalism" Show. My 12 year old son spent most of the show with his eyes squeezed shut and his face buried in his hands. Just watch the short video clip below to understand why.

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MTS: Meet John Allen Paulos

Mathematics is often referred to as the Queen of Sciences, and for good reason. There is very little room for debate within Mathematics community as to whether or not a specific answer is correct or not. If the mathematics are sound, the answer will be correct. It's a refuge that most of us only wish was available in other aspects of our lives.

Even so, the answers that Mathematics provides are very often extremely counterintuitive, which give this specific discipline the wonderful characteristic of being able to change minds far more often than other areas of science. John Allen Paulos has spent a portion of his career pointing out how a better understanding of Mathematics can change the way we think for the better.

Find Books by John Allen Paulos

Follow John on Twitter - @JohnAllenPaulos

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MTS: Meet Simon Singh

Simon Singh is a rockstar. It's pretty much that simple. Never afraid to point out that the emperor has no clothes, he has rattled quite a few cages over the years. The truth is quite simple though. He is a lover of Science and isn't afraid to follow the evidence where it logically leads. Simon is the author of several books, including:

Fermat's Enigma: The Epic Quest to Solve the World's Greatest Mathematical Problem

Trick or Treatment: The Undeniable Facts about Alternative Medicine

The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets

You can follow Simon on Twitter: @SLSingh

Check out his website here:

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MTS: Meet Steve Shives

Steve Shives is a YouTuber extraordanaire. While his videos are certainly not exlusively Skeptic related, they certainly touch on a wide variety of Skeptic topics, especially with his "Five Stupid Things" series. Just beware, if you start watching, plan to be there for a while. He has a LOT of fun stuff.

In addition to his YouTube channel, you can check out his writing at

Check out the trailer to his channel below!

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MTS: Meet Julia Galef

Julia Galef has been on my "Must Interview" list for a while now. Not only is she the co-host of the Rationally Speaking podcast and a writer on Measure of Doubt Blog, but she is also the President and Co-founder of CFAR, the Center For Applied Rationality. Luckily, we had the chance to chat in front of a recording device at NECSS 2013. Enjoy!

Follow Julia on Twitter: @JuliaGalef

or check out her YouTube Channel: Measure of Doubt

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MTS: Meet Brian Wecht

I met Brian in 2012 at NECSS in New York City. He had co-hosted a special "Story Collider" event that ran in conjunction with the NECSS conference. I have been an ardent fan of Story Collider ever since. When I heard that Brian was also participating in NECSS 2013, I knew I wanted to sit down and interview him. 

Not only is Brian Wecht a particle physicist and co-host of Story Collider, but he also has an extensive background in music and comedy. You can find him (covered in a Ninja mask) at YouTube as 1/2 of the Ninja Sex Party. With a little trepidation, I have posted one of the videos below. Definitely NSFW! You've been warned.

You can also follow Brian on Twitter at: @bwecht

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MTS: Meet Jarrett and Wendy!

I have always been a numbers guy and I have always enjoyed learning about how seemingly impossible coincidences probably happen all the time, often never being noticed. Jarrett Lennon Kaufman and Wendy Hughes have picked up on this aspect of critical thinking by producing a "podlet" section of the Skepticality Podcast as well as their own website, "The Odds Must Be Crazy."

Wendy and Jarrett are also very active with Independent Investigations Group, and we talked about some fascinating investigations they have helped out with. Make sure to check out their website, and follow both of them on twitter!

Jarrett: @TurboFool

Wendy: @Wendy91602 

Check out Jarrett as "Timmy" on the Mr. Deity episode below!

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MTS: Meet Trent Brusky

Trent Brusky is a young man who recently reached out to me with an offer to help out with music on my show. I was intrigued that he was doing exactly what I have tried to recommend for years. He is putting his talents to use to help with critical thinking and Skepticism.

You can check out Trent's website at I wanted to get him on the show in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.


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MTS: Meet Evan Bernstein

Evan Bernstein is 1/5 of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe team. He's best known for preparing and hosting several different segments on the show as well as writing the Official Blog for The Skeptics Guide to the Universe, "The Rogues Gallery." Evan is also responsible for the fun, interactive segments that allow listeners to send in their answers, most notably "Who's That Noisy?"

Evan has been involved with the Skeptical movement for many years. We had a chance to talk about his introduction via Perry DeAngelis and his continuation through the New England Skeptical Society and the formation of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe Podcast.

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MTS: Meet Jamie Bernstein

I first heard about Jamie Bernstein on an episode of The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe. She had been recently kicked out of an Autism One conference for simply attending. Nice, huh? I was impressed by the fact that she was willing to get out there and do something. While it's easy to play online and post comments (I do it myself), it's not quite so easy to  check out the real problems in the real world. 

Not content with simply witnessing the anti-vax movement up close, Jamie works with Women Thinking, Inc. to run vaccine clinics at various conferences. We talked about that, as well as a host of other activities she is involved with.

Jamie was also recently, officially named a new Skepchick so you can check out her writing over there! This occurred after we recorded the interview, so we didn't speak about it.

Jamie on Skepchick:

Follow Jamie on Twitter at: @UAJamie

Check out Women Thinking, Inc. on Facebook:

And check out our brief on-camera interview at TAM 2012 below!

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