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MTS: Meet Matt Donnelly

Matt Donnelly co-hosts Penn's Sunday School, a weekly podcast along with Penn Jillette and Michael Goudeau.

Matt and I got a chance to talk about his life, how he became a part of Penn's Sunday School and the mysterious line of text that was deleted from a life-changing email before it was sent...

Follow Matt on Twitter: @SweetMattyD

And check out this video of Matt joining with Penn and Goudeau back before he was an official member of the cast!

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MTS: Meet Karen Strachan

Karen Strachan is the director of The Center for Inquiry's Camp Inquiry, a weeklong, overnight summer camp for young Skeptics ages 8 - 16. She comes to the position after a decade of leadership experience in education, science, and art.

Karen and I chatted about Camp Inquiry, critical thinking skills in general, and her thoughts and experience with teaching how to raise critical thinking kids.

Learn more about Camp Inquiry at their website:

Also check out CFI: or follow them on Twitter: @Center4Inquiry

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