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MTS: Meet Massimo Pigliucci

Since I first started paying attention to the Skeptical movement, one of my favorite podcasts has been Rationally Speaking. While many of the available shows cover a wealth of scientific topics, few really delve into the Philosophical side of things. For someone like myself (who has pretty much zero training in Philosophy), this can be fascinating. I hope you agree.

Before NECSS 2014, I knew I wanted to sit down and have a nice long talk with Massimo. Thankfully, he was up for it too. Enjoy!

Definitely check out Massimo's Website: Scientia Salon

Follow him on Twitter: @MPigliucci

AND/OR buy one of his books here!

Answers for Aristotle: How Science and Philosophy Can Lead Us to A More Meaningful Life

Philosophy of Pseudoscience: Reconsidering the Demarcation Problem

Nonsense on Stilts: How to Tell Science from Bunk

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