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MTS: Meet Todd Robbins

I had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with Todd Robbins at TAM 2013. I had first seen him when he performed the Emcee duties at NECSS 2011 and again at a Monday Night Magic show in New York city in 2013, but we hadn't yet met in person. I was very pleased that he was more than happy to sit down and chat for almost an hour as I let my recorder run!

You can learn much more about Todd by watching his movie American Carny, or just by checking out his website at Make sure to follow him on Twitter too! @ToddRobbins

Later in the conference, I got to see Todd perform a portion of his live show as the headliner during the "Magic, Mayhem and Mentalism" Show. My 12 year old son spent most of the show with his eyes squeezed shut and his face buried in his hands. Just watch the short video clip below to understand why.

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MTS: Meet John Allen Paulos

Mathematics is often referred to as the Queen of Sciences, and for good reason. There is very little room for debate within Mathematics community as to whether or not a specific answer is correct or not. If the mathematics are sound, the answer will be correct. It's a refuge that most of us only wish was available in other aspects of our lives.

Even so, the answers that Mathematics provides are very often extremely counterintuitive, which give this specific discipline the wonderful characteristic of being able to change minds far more often than other areas of science. John Allen Paulos has spent a portion of his career pointing out how a better understanding of Mathematics can change the way we think for the better.

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