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MTS: Meet Jonny Zavant

Jonny Zavant is a Mentalist who got his start working for James Randi himself. He travels the country doing Corporate and College shows, proving that miracles can happen, but only when the performer is in full control of the situation.

We talked about his introduction to James Randi on a College Campus, how he managed to get college credit for having fun, and a little bit about his upbringing as a minister's son.

Check out his website at

Follow Jonny on Twitter: @JonnyZavant

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MTS: Meet Matt and Hai Ting

I met Matt Schickele and Hai Ting Chinn at NECSS 2012, where Hai Ting performed a musical ode to logical fallacies along with George Hrab. During the conference I got to know the two of them, and really grew to enjoy their approach of merging a love for science with their ample talents as musicians. Hai Ting is an Opera and Classical music singer, and Matt is a composer.

Matt and Hai Ting host their own podcast, "Scopes Monkey Choir." There, they tackle various scientific topics while applying their own experience and expertise in music.

Check out Libration, a great collaberation that merges Matt's composition skills with Hai Ting's beautiful voice and their love of science.

And below, check out Hai Ting singing the ingredients of Twinkies on The Wendy Williams Show. No, I'm not kidding. Check it out. You'll see.

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