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MTS: Meet JT Eberhard

JT Eberhard crashed onto the Atheist scene with an undercover operation when he infiltrated the Vatican as a janitor. As bishops and priests passed him in the hallway, he would whisper in their ears and gradually deconvert them one by one. Eventually they discovered the cause of the thinning ranks at the top of the church and he was fired even after the Pope himself declared that the doorknobs "have never been so shiny!"

He then moved on to a career as a cartoonist in Denmark with a popular strip "Mohammed and Toodles the Cat." After receiving various death threats (actually could have been anything, he doesn't understand Arabic), he moved back to the United States to intern with Oprah Winfrey. Sadly that was short lived when he once suggested that they check on the validity of one of her guest's claims. Out of a job once again, JT searched and found a home at the Secular Student Alliance. He wasn't working, just living there. When they explained that he would have to earn his keep, he took on some duties & wrote a blog too. 

Blog: What Would JT Do?

Oh yeah... There's this thing too: Skepticon


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