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MTS: Meet Michael Diaz

Michael Diaz is a college student better known as "Chattiestspike2" on YouTube. He has made some extremely clever videos, one of which caught my eye and encouraged me to check out the others. He hit it big with his "Question Gravity" video as seen below.

Michael has a unique talent for producing humorous, funny videos that also pack a skeptical punch. Check out his YouTube channel or find him on any of the social networks as seen below.

Twitter: @chattiestspike




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MTS: Meet Dezrah Blinn (Dezrah the Strange)

Dezrah Blinn is a professional Magician who uses his skills to spread a message of scientific skepticism and curiosity. I first met him at Skepticamp New Hampshire, where he had a friend break a large concrete block with a sledgehammer as he held the block on his chest while laying on a bed of nails. He then proceeded to explain the physics behind the stunt, demystifying it and teaching the lesson that things are not always as unbelievable as they seem.

I had a chance to visit Dezrah at his home to get the full scoop on the man behind the show. Enjoy!


Twitter: @Dezrah

Facebook: Dezrah on Facebook

Google+: Dezrah's Page

Make your own slide show at Animoto.

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MTS: Meet Michael Shermer

What can I say about Michael Shermer that hasn't already been said? Author, Magazine Publisher, College Professor, Consistent debate opponent to Deepak Chopra, and on, and on. 

In our interview I got to ask about his early days as an author, his participation in founding the "Race Across America," and his position as a Libertarian in a Liberal world.

Skeptic Magazine

The Believing Brain

Why People Believe Weird Things

Follow Dr. Shermer on Twitter! @MichaelShermer

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MTS: Meet Carrie Poppy

Carrie is 1/2 of the duo "Ross and Carrie." A few episodes back we interviewed Ross. Now, here's Carrie!

Carrie seems to infuse an upbeat energy into everything she does & it's no surprise that they seem to be having so much fun while recording the "Oh No, Ross & Carrie" podcast. During our interview we talked about her days as a child exorcist, how a search for non-leather boots led to a whole new lifestyle, her partnership with Ross Blocher. We also did a begging segment at one point.


Oh No, Ross and Carrie!


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