Meet The Skeptics!

Tom Croucher is the 4th Australian I've interviewed for this podcast! Somehow, I highly doubt he'll be the last.

Tom and his brother Nick are more commonly known as the Skeptic Bros. They co-write a blog affectionately titled "The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide." More recently though, they have made a pretty big splash in the Skeptical world by manufacturing and selling "Placebo Bands." These are a perfect knockoff of the more widely known Power Balance bracelets. The key differences are a) the Placebo Bands are appropriately named and b) The Placebo Bands cost about 5% of what the Power Balance bands cost for an essentially identical product.

Check out Placebo Bands featured on Scam School with Brian Brushwood!

Check out Tom at any of the following:

Twitter: @tomfoolery_101

Follow me on Twitter too!: @MeetTheSkeptics

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