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MTS: Meet Donna Mugavero (Ms. Information)

I originally met and interviewed Donna Mugavero during a road trip that took me past Bethlehem, PA where she and George Hrab reside and continuously crank out episode after episode of the Geologic Podcast. I stopped by and we hung out and chatted for a bit as I put my recorder on. That interview originally went up online back in late 2010 on my old feed. Since I gradually moved all the old episodes over to the new feed, hers remained and languished in a bit of obscurity until I got my act together.

Not too long ago, I happened to be back in Bethlehem & I asked if we could catch up a bit. Once again, I recorded it and added it to the original episode before moving it over to the new feed here. 

Apparently, Ms. Info is now a Skepchick! This is an interesting tidbit because during our interview she made mention of the fact that she was a big supporter but was not an actual Skepchick. Since then things have changed and made at least part of this episode antiquated.


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