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MTS: Meet Brian Trent

Brian Trent is an "Aristotelian humanist non-partisan freethinking aggressive rationalist bibliophile." He also is an author of two books (for now), many articles and short stories and has been published in over 100 venues.

America's Addiction to Belief

LADY PHILOSOPHER: The Story of Hypatia

Never Grow Old: The Novel of Gilgamesh

In addition to his tireless writing efforts, Brian works as a film producer on independent projects as well as behind the scenes with the Skeptics Guide to the Universe team both as a producer and blogger.

The Rogues Gallery Blogs

Brian is also producing the Skeptics Guide 24 Hour Live Show on September 23-24. Make sure to tune in!

SGU-24 Show

And don't forget to check out Brian's website at:

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