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MTS: Meet Brian Keith Dalton (Mr. Deity)

Brian Keith Dalton is far better known as Mr. Deity, regularly depicting his own take on the stories and circumstances depicted throughout the bible in a humorous web series that has become a "must see" for anyone serious about biblical criticism. While the series itself tends not to shine a very favorable light on the stories from scripture, it has ironically been embraced even by many within the Christian community as a great starting point for discussion. During our interview we talked about his past, living in a mixed marriage (religious vs. non), the many wives of Joseph Smith, and much more.

Brian is an "Forman" (Former Morman) who now splits his time between producing new Mr. Deity episodes and public speaking engagements. You can check out his stuff on the web at any of the links below, or even watch the very first episode of Mr. Deity right here.

Facebook: Mr. Deity FB Page

YouTube Channel: Mister Deity on YouTube

Mr. Deity Website

Twitter: @MrDeity

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