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MTS: Meet Brian Brushwood

Brian Brushwood is a Magician, sort of. He breathes fire, pounds freakishly long nails into his nose and teaches people how to scam free drinks at the bar from soon-to-be-ex friends. 

His Internet show Scam School is watched over a million times a month. He headlines college campuses with his show "Bizarre Magic." His radio show "NSFW" is a huge hit and an incredibly popular podcast, and to top it all off, he co-hosts the "Weird Things" podcast which he describes as his favorite project. He has been called "Brilliantly Original" by Penn & Teller and "Amazing" by Jay Leno.

We talked about the development of his act, walking the line between entertainment and dishonesty, and the biggest problem with eating glass light bulbs.

Scam School:

Bizarre Magic:

Weird Things Podcast:

Brian on Twitter:!/shwood

ME on Twitter:!/MeetTheSkeptics

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